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Our Training Facilities

CP Technologies maintains a state-of-the-art Training Center designed specifically and used exclusively for 2020 Design Hands-On software training.

Our goal in designing our training center was to create the optimum Hands-On learning environment. We wanted each student to have their own computer workstation with adequate space to spread out their training materials and take notes without feeling crowded. We knew it was important to have comfortable seating with an unobstructed view of a big projection screen from every seat. We wanted the instructor's work station to be behind the students so the instructor can see what is going on at each student work station. That way the instructor can identify and provide early assistance to someone that might be starting to fall a little behind. We knew we wanted appropriate lighting and very precise climate control. And, of course, we wanted up-to-date computer equipment with the latest version of the software installed and running properly. We recently upgraded our computers and A/V equipment for 2020 Design v11 training not shown in the picture above.

"Having our own training center and computer also allows us to control costs and add additional classes when scheduled classes fill. This allows employers to get new hires in for training quickly and provides more scheduling flexibility for experienced users that want advanced training."
  Conference room available for meetings and
group presentations.












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