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2020 Transition to v10-11
2020 Private Training

This class is now only available as private training for groups of 4-8. Call 978-281-7265 for information.

2020 Design In-Person Training

2020 Design Transition to v10-v11 Class



2020 Design Transition to v10-v11 Class Course Description

The 2020 Design Transition to v10-v11 class is designed to acquaint existing 2020 users that are already familiar and proficient with 2020 Design version 8 or 9 with the new features in 2020 Design version 10 or 11 and with differences in feature functionality from earlier versions. The goal of this class is to ease the 2020 user's transition to the new version.

Topics Covered

  • Major New Features in v10
  • Using the New Ribbon Interface
  • Usability Improvements in v10
  • Docking Windows inV10
  • Using the Attributes Lite Window
  • Catalog and Idea Center Management
  • Do More with Double Clicks in v10
  • Creating Cathedral and Sloped Ceilings
  • Using the Surface Tool
  • Importing Sketchup 3D Shapes
  • Importing AutoCAD 3D Shapes
  • Using the New ROOM Catalogs
  • Changes in Catalog Organization
  • New Catalog Elements
  • Working with the New Rendering Engine
  • One Click Rendering
  • Creating 360 Panoramic Views
  • MagicPlan Integration
  • Tips for Better Renderings
  • NEW! Using the Lighting Wizard
  • Post Training Resources

Who should attend this class

  • Existing 2020 Design users upgrading to version 10 or11 from version 8 or 9 that want to hit the ground running with the powerful new features in 2020 Design v10 or v11


  • Proficiency with 2020 Design version 8 or 9.


  • $345 per person















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